The Language of the East – Learn Bahasa Indonesia for a Hassle Free Visit in Indonesia

Every year, millions of tourists like you visit Indonesia for its awesome tourist destinations. Bali and Komodo are just two of the frequently visited spots in Indonesia. These tourists flock in the country for a relaxing and enjoying vacation in a land full of excitement. But, not all tourists have fun with their stay in […]

Learning Indonesian – Learn Indonesian The Fun and Easy Way

Learning new things today has never been this easy. With the Internet technology, tablets, and smartphones, man’s access to information now is like living next to your food source.   Learning a new language, like the Bahasa Indonesia, can be said the same. That’s why we at the, is bringing the best private Indonesian […]

Learning Bahasa Indonesia – Understanding the Unique Process in Learning a New Language like Bahasa Indonesia

It takes time and dedication to learn new things, especially learning foreign language. Reading, speaking and understanding every word, phrase and sentence, involves a process of sending, receiving and processing spoken thoughts or idea being expressed. This process takes over and over again in every conversation, a message, or any idea or thought is expressed […]

Learn the Indonesian Language – The East’s Premier Language

Each country has its own native language. A native tongue that everyone born and raised in that country learns to speak first. A language they use to seek for their mother’s care, a language that they speak to laugh with friends and a language to learn new things around them. Now, when they are at […]

Video Introduction to Bahasa Indonesia

Learn and discover the most common phrases used in the Indonesian language!

Learn Indonesian Bali with Ease

How to Learn Indonesian Language, Learning Indonesian Language, Studying Indonesian, Learning Indonesian Learning the Indonesian Language: The Fulfilment of a Life’s Satisfaction Home of the East’s diverse culture and life, Asia is a continent of unique people, specifically in South East Asia, where people are warm and fascinating. Other than their interesting characteristics, the people […]

Learn Bahasa Indonesia the Quickest Way!

Learn Indonesian Bali Without Difficulty To learn a new language pretty fast, you need to do more than just apply for regular classes where teachers need to focus on several other students – not just you. What you need to do is to go for people who offer private language lessons. After all, private classes […]